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  1. Only for the scenes with the T38 and the last one where the Ethiad Cargo is waiting while the other one lands. I`m not a fan of the render function in FSRecoder when the camera moves are complicated. It just takes WAY to long. Cheers Doogie
  2. Thanks and absolutely edited to the hilt lol Doogie
  3. Best in 1080p HD I`ve racked up over 100hrs in the PMDG 777 in the last few weeks since release. It is with out a doubt the best airliner add on ever made for FSX. This little video is a thank you to PMDG for such a wonderful add-on. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it and feel free to leave a comment. A like is always appreciated as well. Doogie PMDG 777, REX Essentials, Flytampa CYUL & OMDB, OrbX
  4. Guys thanks for the feed back, I`ve been making videos for a long time, I know all the tricks of the trade for making smooth video. I`m not doing it professionally for a company so its more down to time vs effort that I don't use FSRecorder to render out the files for editing. There are a few other ways to get very smooth recordings with FRAPS like slowing the sim down to 10fps locked and recording at 10fps with FRAPS before speeding the footage back up in Vegas. I`m actually getting my hands on a video capture device in the next week or two and I will be interested to see how that works. Will post a little review and some results when I`m done with it
  5. Thanks mate
  6. Best in 1080pHD I bought Aerosoft`s Kastellorizo X last week and thought it was well worthy of a video. Here are the results. Its a pretty high paced video and I`m really pleased with the result. Thanks for watching Doogie Add-ons Aerosoft- Kastellorizo X and Huey X REX - Essentials Overdrive using random generated weather Alabeo-Waco YMF5 and Extra 300S Freeware Cruise Ship from FSDownload.net FSRecorder-Fraps-FS Water Configurator-TrackIr5-Sony Vegas Lots of coffee! http://youtu.be/EV2cQrTGWro sorry not sure how to paste a proper youtube link on here, maybe someone can tell me
  7. doog79

    Holiday (FSX)

    Thank you mate
  8. doog79

    Holiday (FSX)

    Of on holiday on Friday. I knocked this little video up to show my two little boys who have not flown before the aircraft we will be on. best in 1080p Now where are my shorts Doogie
  9. Here you go....Lufthansa A321 D-AISH getting ready to depart my local EGPH Edinburgh Cheers Doogie
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