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  1. Ok i moved the scenery to top and fixed it. Thanks
  2. I tryed the airport elevation correction tool from Orbx Vector but did not fix it.
  3. Hello I have a big island right in the middle covering the airport. I have Orbx Vector and Base and Fsglobal NG. This is Palermo "Falcone e Borsellino" Airport P3D V4 Dino
  4. dino172

    P3Dv4 versions

    I also have LFML is there a P3D V4 installer for that?
  5. dino172

    P3Dv4 versions

    It's working now. Had to run the installer after adding folder to scenery. Thanks!
  6. dino172

    P3Dv4 versions

    After adding LIML folder the sim crashes to desktop. Also, PDF is not listed on simmarket.
  7. dino172

    P3Dv4 versions

    Hello I tryed several times to install LIML to P3D V4, but with no luck. Is there order to get it to work? What folder do i install to? Dino
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