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  1. you need to upgrade your navdata, stock P3D/FSX doesn't include OTHH airport
  2. T2G posts their status updates on Facebook. They are currently updating VHHH, thereafter they plan to continue bringing their old sceneries into P3Dv4, I don't think they gave a specific order for those.
  3. With your $400 target a 1080 Ti? I mean the card is nice but tbh, price to performance just for P3D is abysmal. If you want to go for a GPU upgrade maybe prices will be more acceptable just after the Nvidia Volta launch (should be in may), I'd try and get one of the first Volta cards that are sold from whatever board partner you prefer.
  4. I'd save up a little longer, as the GPU market has been influenced so heavily by cryptocurrency mining to where any GPU I would recommend is far off your 400$ price point. With the Meltdown Kernel bug on Intel I'd also advise you to stay on your old CPU and maybe - rather than upgrading - fiddle with your existing hardware to reach max stable OC's. P3D has been getting - at least on my system - huge performance increases through increased clockspeeds which is why I would tend to stay with Intel over switching to Ryzen - except of course if the new ones have greater single core performance
  5. Uninstall and then reinstall EDDM, SimMarket installers will, depending if special files for GEN/GES are provided, use those upon reinstallation (JustSim, DigitalDesign for example). Rename all EDDM files in ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY>scenery from .bgl to .off Move the EDDM-LC-ELV in your scenery library below the EDDM entry, so the layering is in order from top to bottom EDDM>EDDM-LC-ELV>EDDM-TERRAIN
  6. New files (again) Changelog: - more diverse jetway positions - removed cones in aircraft positions - added dynamic lighting mod (see screenshot below) (FlyTampa or JustSim v4 scenery required) - added performance friendly night texture for DL users - minor adjustments to the GSX .ini - simplified installation process This is a stand-alone package, it requires all original copyrighted files by T2G, Drzewiecki and optionally FT or JS. It should work in all simulators that support SODE. EDDM_SODE_ENHANCEMENT_v2.2.rar
  7. It is cross MS-Sim compatible! Did you install SODE? I will not share anything protected under copyright, the jetways fall under that. AND If you want EPWA jetways at EDDM you absolutely need to follow the instructions. The entire post is about getting those jetways at EDDM. As stated first thing in this post, if you don't know what you're doing you will only introduce more and more trouble, save yourself from that by ignoring this post.
  8. Here's an update for everybody who uses dynamic lighting: Changelog: -added support for dynamic lighting -more diversified jetway positions -removed jetway texture redrawing -added support for third cargo loader for GSX or above -optimized GSX positions
  9. elButz


    T2G EDDM is not fully compatible with ORBX Germany South. As for all other add-on airports you have installed in that region you should be renaming the .bgl's to .off. In case of EDDM you go into your Sim>ORBX>FTX_EU>FTX_EU_GES_05_SCENERY/scenery and rename following files to ".off" ADE_FTX_GES_EDDM.bgl > ADE_FTX_GES_EDDM.off ADE_FTX_GES_EDDM_CVX.bgl > ADE_FTX_GES_EDDM_CVX.off FTX_GES_EDDM_objects.bgl > FTX_GES_EDDM_objects.off Repeat this for every add-on airport in your ORBX regions. If you want the taxiway bridges to work until T2G may fix them go
  10. Alright, this was rather simple to resolve, here are the new files that will now require the updated jetways! Please delete all model.xxx folders from your SimObjects directory and get the files as mentioned!
  11. I am truly sorry for my first answer, I was not aware that T2G fixed the Jetways themselves, I will rework my .xml and instructions and post a new .zip in the coming days.
  12. Let me start with the question if your original EDDM for P3Dv4 looked like this before the mod? If so delete the .xml and the folder in SimObjects and reinstall the airport. Why is there a Taxi2Gate_EDDM folder below your SimObjects? Did you put all files into the directories as shown? Did you follow the instructions correctly replaced all files that I mention that have to be replaced and not replace any of those files that are mentioned that have to stay the original files? If everything is set correctly and there are no double xml's or SimObjects: is your simulator on pause in thes
  13. NOTE: Please read this post and the disclaimer carefully. This installation is not a "press this button and get the result" thing. It is farely complex and requires some computer knowledge. I tried to provide easy instructions but if you do not know what AppData and ProgramFiles directories are, you shold NOT do this, I'd strictly advise against it. The night lighting of the jetways used here is not particularly good and if you want maximum compatibility, please continue to use the orignal T2G Jetways. Hi, as you might know, I made a package of Terminal 2 SODE Jetways for EDDM
  14. they're updating their previous sceneries one at a time, just go over to facebook that's where they post all their news and where they'll announce when they start to work on hong kong
  15. did you try to uninstall/reinstall the scenery? works fine for me, check that your antivirus is off for the installation and that you are logged in to an administrator account with write access to ProgramData. Also check your SODE folder in ProgramData, likely to be C:\users\*youryouser*\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE for a) existance and b) under SimObjects for a folder named "Taxi2Gate_LFPG" as well as in the xml folder for the "Taxi2Gate_LFPG_Stands.xml" Do you have other airports that use SODE? Check those if they also don't show the objects that are SODE enabled. Maybe try to re
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