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  1. It's possible fair use might apply to non-commercial airline liveries, particularly if their modeling was considered to be artistic or a form of commentary. Since it's very rare for an airline to object, I suspect that many of their lawyers agree. Fair use also could apply to models of entire aircraft, especially since factual information such as performance specs is not copyrightable. Fair use is also significant here, since none of these uses interfere with the profitability of an airline or aircraft manufacturing. The Laminar situation is very different. Laminar didn't copy their protection scheme, they inadvertently infringed on a patent owned by a company that produces nothing but patents, and are attempting to have patent invalidated, which happens fairly often. That is in no way piracy. Not a lawyer, but knowlegeable.
  2. So, now that we've got ths, and I'm new here, I'll introduce myself. I'm Darrol Larrok, very active on VATSIM, I fly the NGX, been semi-working on a VA I call Torrent.
  3. Awesome thanks! You guys are definitely beating AVSIM thus far, over there they ban people for this sort of request (:
  4. Any chance we could get a 'general' board in IFlySImX board? Just for discussion of this board, hellos, general FS discussion?
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