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  1. I feel your pain mate I do. Hes a crap developer yes.
  2. disco try one thing for me. on your test flight disable 0501 base in the scenery layers (just for EGKK flights) also try putting the egkk scenery layer below orbx and above RANDOLPH like so
  3. thanks disco can you show me a screenshot in lorbi si addon manager where it is, thanks
  4. do you use the following. 1.orbx vector for v5 ? 2. the inibuilds dynamic lighting bgl patch 3. fsglobal 2020 thanks
  5. completely the same issue going out, no issues. coming in its an issue
  6. now at the start screen I cant choose a stand... I give up with this rubbish
  7. does this guy @jennasoft ever bother coming to provide support ??
  8. Do you ever bother to look at the forumn??  There's numerous topics that need looking at

  9. same thing... are you guys using truearth ?
  10. Hello. I am having an issue where the a/c will stop when taxiing along certain taxis ways. Its as if the a/c gets stuck in mud / grass and you have to put full throttle to get it taxi along. Notice it on taxiway Q
  11. No one bothers to offer support anymore, fucking rubbish
  12. Bumping this one can someone help.. thanks
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