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  1. SODE have released their new docking system, are you looking to maybe implement 2 versions of docking? 1 with SODE for those who have It and another for GSX users?
  2. It’s great to see you guys working hard on the feedback so quickly and hopefully a v1.1 release won’t be far away. Another thing that is missing but may be because it’s too new is the Boeing hangar and the new cargo area. This is a fairly new change so it may take a while to implement
  3. Hey, Also on the stands such as 52 through to 49 on the north terminal that have a L and R the centre one is called “Middle” so it would be marked as 52L, 52M and 52R. Also a load of objects are missing from the maintenance area but this isn’t top of the list. The main problems are PAPIs, AFCAD and Taxiway signs 😕 other than that a great scenery
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