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  1. I concur. The DL at EGKK has a ridiculously heavy hit on FPS, down from locked at 30 FPS to just 8 or 9. Other complex payware scenery DL has neglible impact. Is it because the light sources are too close to each other and overlap? IIRC, that's one cause of a big performance drop. Makes it unusable after dark, which is a bit tricky when there's not much daylight around at this time of year!
  2. KEWR already covered just a year ago by Drzewiecki Design's NY Airports v2. Good to see that (other) developers are / will soon be working on a lot of airports requested in this thread - FACT, FAOR, HKJK (all due this autumn), and RKSI all being worked on. Airports that are probably worth requesting (as they're not available in P3Dv4 or it's old) are: EIDW - Dublin EFHK - Helsinki WIII - Jakarta VABB - Mumbai YPAD - Adelaide YMML - Melbourne
  3. Hi, How is this project going? Any chance of a couple of new screenshots (and maybe an updated release date as well), please? Thanks.
  4. Agree with Windshear, it does look very good! Can you give us a rough estimate of when you hope this will be ready?
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