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  1. F737NG

    Request an airport

    KEWR already covered just a year ago by Drzewiecki Design's NY Airports v2. Good to see that (other) developers are / will soon be working on a lot of airports requested in this thread - FACT, FAOR, HKJK (all due this autumn), and RKSI all being worked on. Airports that are probably worth requesting (as they're not available in P3Dv4 or it's old) are: EIDW - Dublin EFHK - Helsinki WIII - Jakarta VABB - Mumbai YPAD - Adelaide YMML - Melbourne
  2. F737NG

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Hi, How is this project going? Any chance of a couple of new screenshots (and maybe an updated release date as well), please? Thanks.
  3. F737NG

    And JennaSoft second project is...

    Agree with Windshear, it does look very good! Can you give us a rough estimate of when you hope this will be ready?