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  1. Thomas, Hello and thank you for your reply along with my sincerest apologies for taking so long to reply. You are correct about me using Tomato Shade. I'll disable TS and give it a try. Regards, and thank you once again. Greg
  2. Dear Sir or Madame, Hello. I m seeing fence(s) appearing on the scenery (see attached photos) plus the occasional flash of scenery popping up (sorry, too fast to try and take a screenshot). They've appeared while at the gate and also while taxing occasionally. I have no other AFCAD for LFPO installed. I am using P3D v4.5 with FTX Global Base, OLC EU, OLC NA, and FTX Vector. Thanks in advance. Regards, Greg
  3. Hello, Just purchased KLIT, however, when I run the installer, it only gives the option to install into FSX and P3D v1 & 2. Are there plans to update the installer so it can install into P3D v4 directly? Thank you all in advance. Regards, Greg
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