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  1. hello, I tested without success, the train does not appear, only the tracks, I have deactivate the option for aes which removes airport traffic in fsuipc, test with autogen to the max ... deactivate all third scenes ... I had some problems at the beginning with sode I had to relaunch it at each start-up I did the update and since it works, but still no train, good ok it's flight sim :)
  2. Hello, I did tests by deactivating all third party adons, and the problem remains the same, no train. paris lfpg nearby, despite its age, has animated trains that work without problems as well as other airports in the world. the mystery remains whole :)
  3. hello and thank you, yes i have the advanced animations activated.
  4. it would seem that fsx products do not have support ... i hope this is not the case ...
  5. hello, I installed this scene, magnificent, despite an incompatibility with utx (rail, route europe), nextmesh france,TRUELANdSCAPE france,paris photo hd. I encounter a problem with the train orly val, which doesn't work no, is there anything special or a technical limitation? Thank you.
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