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  1. NAX2428 EGKK-LEPA ready for startup in about 10 minutes twitch.tv/h4mmerhead
  2. Ok guys, i'm live in 10 minutes flying Virtual Norwegian NAX1354 from ENGM to EGPH! Come watch
  3. @promowave I have done that flight a couple of times, great flight @iFlysimX Let us know if you are streaming this flight!
  4. Hey guys, I'm live with a VA flight if anyone is interested in taking a look http://www.twitch.tv/h4mmerhead
  5. Here is a few shots of a flight i just did
  6. @iFlysimX If you teach me to fly the Airbus X, i'll teach you the 737NGX I have a lot of airport sceneries too, but it would be a long list if i were to name them all
  7. Hey guys, I was hoping to make a suggestion thread where we can all suggest "must have" addons. As i am sure there are many addons out there that not everyone knows about. So i'll start with some of the addons i have. Freeware: - Global AI Traffic - Project Airbus A319/20/21 Payware: - FTX Global - Active Sky 2012 - !MAP by FeelThere - Captain Sim 757 - Quality Wings Avro RJ series - 3D Lights Redux Request: - Fuel planner addon - ATC addon - Hammerhead.
  8. Hey, Does anyone here have any experience painting the Airbus X? Let me know if you could help me out with a repaint
  9. It varies between the different models, but i would say that the 777 is the most frame dropping aircraft in Captain Sim's fleet. I have both the 777, 757, 767 and C130 from CS, and the last 3 of those aren't too bad on frames if you have a decent system. I ran the 757 and the 767 without any problems on a HD5770 1GB and Dual Core AMD processor at 2,7Ghz, before i got my new system
  10. Uninstall the 757, and then try re-installing it again, that should work
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