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  1. Accu-Feel. It just works better, or to me it does. Great and simple software from a great author
  2. Just a shame that it has neither ground or weather radar, but still quite nice
  3. Does it work with Prepar3D?
  4. I have both FSX and P3D on Windows 8 with no performance issues. Maybe a slight increase because windows 8 requires less ram for the system.
  5. Truth is you can't compare an Airbus to Boeing, or Boeing to Airbus. They both have wings and 2 engines each, but the Airbus is much more automatic while the Boeing is more hands on. Not sure if you know what I mean, but they are two quite different airplanes which you need to have. I have both and enjoy both.
  6. This is still an ongoing project and will be 100% free of charges once completed. You can follow the project from my Facebook page and from there know how to get the free product and beta once available. With texture sets of 2048x2048 pixels and onside photoreal images, this airport could and should have been payware. But not everything has a price, and so it became freeware. BETA STARTS ON SATURDAY AND IS OPEN TO EVERYONE. Note that these are JPEG images and does not show the full quality of the textures. You need to have the software version to truly see the great details 100%. With this package you get a true life photoreal airport of the real deal. It has the accurate dimensions and scale. No other version of this airport can say the same. It is so real that Atlantic Airways which is the local airliner at Vagar uses the old scenery in their tests. I have a feeling that with this new upgraded version it will remain this way. This version is 8 years younger and uses payware standards. Because this is a work in progress much might change or be added to later.
  7. Te middle one looks best I think
  8. Airbus a319 on Prepar3D :)

  9. EKBI to EKCH (Denmark) at EKBI
  10. And two more. Admin could you please give a bit more upload size? because 1.95MB is nothing if one wants to upload high pixel images.
  11. You can't open a BGL file to edit, you need the source file or MDL file which in both cases you don't have. The reason is that Microsoft has the copyright on their own models. To make a logo you don't need to model, you only need to edit the texture in a paint like program.
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