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  1. Wow, looks amazing. Can't wait to post reviews with new P3D shots!
  2. Which Aircraft are you struggling to get 30fps inside?
  3. Try adding [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 to your CFG and switching Bufferpools off? bufferpools=0
  4. Good Afternoon all! We have some really exciting news coming up in the near future. The best thing is, we want you guys to be a part of it. We’re looking for someone to help drive our continued success and become one of the leader Flight Simulator websites out there. We’ve already established ourselves as an informative and reliable source of information for Flight Sim news and reviews, and we’re looking to expand that into something completely unique to us. We want Flight Sim enthusiasts who are committed, willing and prepared to help us in providing up-to-date information for the hi
  5. Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, yet it has only recently been given the acknowledgement it deserves within the flight sim community. Thanks to teams such as ORBX, there’s some beautiful coverage of the country, yet there were still many airports which, quite simply, had never been given quality scenery. Again, ORBX delivered some stunning airports, but the performance of some of them left a lot to be desired. Fly Tampa have always been consistent with their releases. Airport after airport
  6. Located in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Gregorio Luperon International Airport (MDPP) is one the most frequently visited airports in the Caribbean. With flights coming from all corners of the Globe, and being the Forth busiest airport in the Dominican, can DreamFlight Studios bring this vibrant airport to life in the world of Flight Simulation? Let’s start with location. Being so important to the tourism industry within the Domincan, it stands to reason the airport sees a lot of activity. As a result, the airport has been built w
  7. It’s been a while since my last review, and as a result, I’ve had some wonderful down time to revisit some of the older airports released over the years. One such airport was Copenhagen. At the time, I forgot how much I enjoyed the quick hops from the UK over to the Danish city. It is also one of those destinations where the weather can either be on your side, or cause havoc to your flight planning. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had it all – everything from glorious, crispy sunny mornings to the CAT 3 landings. However, despite how beautiful it is, it’s never really been properly captured in t
  8. Flight Simulation went an age without a decent Airbus series of aircraft. Sure, some developers created visually appealing models, but nothing with systems and flows that made any sense. Never mind the complexity that comes with the vast ECAM screens and the FBW system. Of course, as Simmers we want realism, but that comes with a cost: a long development time and a performance hit – two things that every developer and simmer out there dreads. Luckily for us, Aerosoft saw a great opportunity and ceased it.
  9. The expression “blink and you’ll miss it” almost seems to ring true for the development process of anything from Taxi2Gate. Just WEEKS ago, I was reviewing their last airport, Doha, and already, I’m writing the review of their next airport. This time, however, Taxi2Gate have ventured back into the sunny Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Clearly to have some down time, the development team like to focus on their Caribbean airports. After all, they’re significantly smaller and thus less complex, shaving huge chunks of time off of development. It must be a good way for the developers to have some do
  10. When SimWings / Aerosoft announced that they were hard at work at creating a brand new Heathrow, it was met with a massive “well what is the point” from the community. Not only was UK Airport Developer Gary from UK2000 scenery hard at work at creating a brand new version of Heathrow, but it was very close from being released. However, the community suddenly perked some interest when the first screenshots were shown. Suddenly, things were heating up, and with anticipated release dates for both sceneries within spitting distance of one another, it gave consumers a massive headache – which would
  11. Great video. Where did you find out how to change the traffic to appear at OTHH? I have MyTraffic 2013 and I'm unable to do it.
  12. UPDATE 04SEP2014: After speaking to the developer and also referring back to the manual, had noticed that my settings for some of the screenshots weren't high enough to display some of the ramp activity and a few of the buildings. After fine-tuning my settings, I can confirm, with a high scenery complexity, you will have some wonderfully rendered static aircraft populating the otherwise barren airport. You'll also have a few more well designed buildings, which provides a more realistic, and life-like representation of the airport. Of course, because JetStream have done such a great job
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