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  1. May I ask what in the AFCAD ? I have this issue on another scenery (not one of yours) and I don't know how to fix
  2. Thanks for the update, much appreciated ! Going to install right now
  3. Did you consider having an option to set runway lights for 08L/26R ? It's used as a relief runway when 08R/26L is closed.
  4. I'm curious... what was the fix for the bumpiness ? Is it linked to the AFCAD ? Thanks.
  5. I would say "finally" but it's been fun to approach the runway without a PAPI ! Very nice, thanks !
  6. What about the option you guys talked about ? For us, online/offline flyers, to include all the stands ?
  7. Merci ! After the update I'll definitely be looking to buy your scenery for P3Dv4 according to the changes and feeback I've seen some screenshots and I feel like the night lighting (runway and taxi) could be improved, but it's definitely better than leaving the default P3D lights !
  8. Hi, Apparently Toulouse is being made which is a good news. Another airport I would really like to see is LFQQ ! Good day !
  9. Bonjour, I don't own the scenery (yet) and even though there were some criticism about the first release of the scenery, glad you are working to correct it. I have basically two questions about version 1.1 : Are all the stands modelized as of today's charts (or as of the last few weeks/months - whenever your datas are from) ? I have seen people reporting wrong/missing taxiway signs (A1, A2, A3 presumably missing on 26L ; J1, J2 etc missing on 08R). Is it true (because I couldn't find any real life photo) and if so is it planned to add them ? Thanks !
  10. Arf would have really liked a screenshot of the runway night lighting ! Hope you include screens of it in the shop's screenshots. Looking at some of the taxi/apron lights, it should be good tho.
  11. Thanks for the previews, looking very nice indeed. If we could get a preview of the runway/taxi lights at night in the next batch of screenshots would be perfect ! Merci
  12. Perfect, thanks ! Sorry to chime in here, is there anywhere we can know which airport is next (if you plan to release other airports) ?
  13. Are we close to release or did you encounter some issues ? Could you, if they are already made, take a screenshot of the runway night lighting of the P3Dv4 airport ? Thanks for the answer !
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