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  1. What about the option you guys talked about ? For us, online/offline flyers, to include all the stands ?
  2. Merci ! After the update I'll definitely be looking to buy your scenery for P3Dv4 according to the changes and feeback I've seen some screenshots and I feel like the night lighting (runway and taxi) could be improved, but it's definitely better than leaving the default P3D lights !
  3. Hi, Apparently Toulouse is being made which is a good news. Another airport I would really like to see is LFQQ ! Good day !
  4. Bonjour, I don't own the scenery (yet) and even though there were some criticism about the first release of the scenery, glad you are working to correct it. I have basically two questions about version 1.1 : Are all the stands modelized as of today's charts (or as of the last few weeks/months - whenever your datas are from) ? I have seen people reporting wrong/missing taxiway signs (A1, A2, A3 presumably missing on 26L ; J1, J2 etc missing on 08R). Is it true (because I couldn't find any real life photo) and if so is it planned to add them ? Thanks !
  5. Arf would have really liked a screenshot of the runway night lighting ! Hope you include screens of it in the shop's screenshots. Looking at some of the taxi/apron lights, it should be good tho.
  6. Thanks for the previews, looking very nice indeed. If we could get a preview of the runway/taxi lights at night in the next batch of screenshots would be perfect ! Merci
  7. Perfect, thanks ! Sorry to chime in here, is there anywhere we can know which airport is next (if you plan to release other airports) ?
  8. Are we close to release or did you encounter some issues ? Could you, if they are already made, take a screenshot of the runway night lighting of the P3Dv4 airport ? Thanks for the answer !
  9. Here is what I wrote on SimMarket the day the scenery was out : I did not lie, even when the issue does not come from your sceneries. Thank you very much, resetting to default the NVIDIA parameters indeed fixed it.
  10. Hi, Hmm that's weird because I'm already in anisotropic (x4) - tried to put it in x16 but doesn't improve, nor does enabling any of the other options (FXAA or upgrading the AA option). I guess my system might be too old (See below my settings) Thanks anyways
  11. Hello, First of all, this issue is not specific to LFPO (also happens in LFRS) but aswell not specific to your sceneries, it aswell happens in some other airports (such as JustSim EBBR or LFMN for instance) so more related to the technology used I guess (on some airports I don't have the issue at all), but I'm giving a shot on your forums in case you have any idea of what might cause this. The lights, when viewed from a certain view angle, become kind of a stick of light instead of saying round and nice. Screenshots will explain better than I do so I joined a .rar file with some. Do you have any idea of what might be causing this ? Thanks PS: Wonderful scenery, as always, hopefully more will come LFPOscreens.rar
  12. Kim07

    LFLL/EGKK p3dv4

    Sorry for the late reply, thanks for the answer @jennasoft ! Hope you're making progress on EGKK 😛 I have a question regarding Gatwick. Can you confirm there will be custom lightning (not the P3D default lights) ? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'm a customer of yours (P3Dv4 version). Currently, the runway lights (unlike the taxi/edge lights) are the P3D defaults - yes, the floating bad looking disappearing lights. Any plans of integrating custom lightning ? Thanks.
  14. Kim07

    LFLL/EGKK p3dv4

    Hello, I'm currently not a customer of yours (most likely in the future - I hope). I've seen a few things in this forum : you seem to be working on EGKK and on an update/new scenery for LFLL. Although, even if the EGKK project seems to be on its way according to the screenshots you posted, can you confirm a LFLL version is still planned for P3DV4 ? Is the development going well, is there an approximate date of release ? I know these questions are tough to answer from a developer perspective but just want to take some news Thanks for your time!
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