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  1. JennaSoft, Please respond to my question. Merci
  2. Hi there, I bought the LFLL few days ago (on August 26, 2014) and installed it. I don't know which version I got along my download but I assume that it is the latest version of this scenery you have uploaded at Simmarket. The overall first-look is no doubt outstanding. I love the photo ground textures and all the scenery components. Bravo! However, where I am disappointed is that the dark grey taxiway sections leading to RWY 18L and the new parking, you mention as a "new taxiway" on your screenshot are not only ugly but crackling and very strange compared to all ground textures which again nicely smooth and beautiful. The exit V6 at the end of RWY18L just horrible and reminds me those FS98 textures. They are definitely apart from the overall scenery quality and totally ruined all of your work. For instance, I deactivated all BGLs relating to this missed update in order to keep the scenery of LFLL in its "purity". Having said that, I am wondering if you plan to provide with some updates in the coming future. Thanks for considering my request. Theo, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  3. @iFlysimX, Thanks for your suggestion. Did you delete my previous message to Jennasoft? If you have saved it somewhere, I can create a new one relating to my issue. Thanks again
  4. Hi Guys, We have seen a lot of US, South American, Asian, Oceanian, Caribbean and European sceneries all over the years in FScommunity. In my opinion, Canadian airports are less represented in this matter. We now have so far CYVR from FsDreamteam, CYUL from FlyTampa, and probably CYTZ and CYYZ soon. Also, Jonathan Gabbert has released a great few canadian hubs under fs9 platform. This has been said, I would love cheering western Canadian Airports like Calgary CYYC and Edmonton CYEG (where I live), or later Winnipeg CYWG, and Saskatoon CYXE. These hubs bridge several flights within Canada, to US and Caribbean destinations. Edmonton and Calgary have recently extended their infrastructure. Maybe it is a time to T2G to shift to our continent and build up a great stuffs. In the meantime, Due to economical opportunities based on oil-sand industry, Fort McMurray through its International Airport CYMM is an important hub that links Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and even Cancun operated by Air Canada, WestJet and SunWing Airlines. Thanks for reading me Cheers!
  5. Greetings, Whatever T2G is releasing, I will be among those who run buying your product. I hope Istanbul will be joining the fs9 scenery list soon as well. Is there any way to get OTHH in lower price as I have bought KMCO since its release time? It is weird to buy KMCO in second time just because I want to get OTHH cheaper. Thank you kindly Theo, your supporter
  6. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    My apologies. It works. The crash was caused by my airplane. Many thanks
  7. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    No luck sir! FS9 crashes at the opening session. We need to try other things
  8. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    Hi there! Thanks for your support. i am still wondering what addon could affect my mesh given the fact I have nothing on this island? Do you think, it would be coming from other surrounding islands? I will try this ptch and let you know in return. Thanks again
  9. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    Thank you. As a proof of support I just bought your LZIB yesterday . Hope you will release the new MMMX in fs9 version.
  10. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    I am wondering if T2G is still figuring out how to solve my problem above mentionned. Your input is well appreciated. Thanks!
  11. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    Hi there, Thank you for this patch but my problem regarding bumpy lands on rwy still remains and not treated by your fix. Any hope to smooth down my concern. Last evening, I deactivated the scenery TLPL from Tropicalsim which is located up north of the island but the change did not have any effect to the issue. For your reference, please check my message posted on 21 August 2013 - 08:50 PM (possibly in my local time) Regards,
  12. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    I am trying to understand which issue "Taxi2gate" was referring to in his last message. If it was mine, It happened any time with any airplane as long as I fly in low altitude. And I do not carry UTX or any other addons in this area except TLPL which is located in the south side of the island (pretty far though). The scenery is a Tropicalsim made. Also, the bump is not actually as any solid object as we used to deal in FS. I can roll my airplane through it. Strange isn't it?
  13. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    For FS9 users, it sounds we need a patch for this scenery. Thanks again to Taxi2gate for their support.
  14. flighty

    TLPC FS9

    Hi there, The only scenery I have in this island is the second airport (TLPL) made by Tropicalsim but I really doubt is causes the conflict as the airport is located at the extreme south of the island while yours is up north. I also thought maybe one of the FS9 default bgl is perhaps causing this. I happened to me with LPMA (Madeira) from Aerosot which requires deactivating few native fs9 (or fsx) bgl. I will send you an email to that address so that you can see mine. Regards, Flighty PS: I will repeat this message as is along the email.
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