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  1. Hi all, as many others here, I also like to fly in and out of the various taxi2gate's Cuban Airports, especially MUHA, MUVR, MUCU and MUCL! With MUCL (Cayo Largo) I have some severe performance problems with the runway/PAPI lighting system.... Flying at night is impossible as frames drop to around 2-3 fps. Normally I get 70+ fps if I run FSX unlimited. Disabling the MUCL-RWYLIGHT.BGL in the scenery directory "solves" this problem - but then night flying is also not possible due to the missing runway lights. Anybody else seeing this problem as well? On a side note, the PAPI lights are far too big. I tried to add runway lights to the top-Level MUCL.BGL using an Airport design Editor (ADE), however, this did not work out :-( Any chance T2G could provide a fixed MUCL-RWYLIGHT file? That would be grand. Cheers, Andreas
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