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    Hi Thomas I did what you suggested but to no avail, still have the issue. It seems that something is conflicting between the aircraft control surfaces and the scenery. Hoping for a imaginative solution . regards Joe
  2. Hi Guys I wondered if you could be of assistance. I have an issue with LFRS and FSLABS A320X in P3d v4.1. The issue involves the flight controls of the Airbus at the Airport, Departure and Arrival up 300 feet Altitude, the ailerons flutter excessively causing the aircraft to roll right and left in a jittery manor, above 300 ft and out of the airport scenery area flight controls return to normal. I have been in extensive discussion with FSLABS developers and tested various fixes but to no avail. It only happens at Nantes, I have uninstalled the scenery back to default and the issue disappears and the aircraft operates normally but once I reinstall LFRS we are back to the conflict with the Airbus A320. I have tried various options within the configurator, eg: disabled Dynamic Lighting, 3D Grass, lowered the scenery, unchecked the animations and disabled SODE but made no difference! May I have your thoughts how we proceed forward to try and resolve this issue? Regards Joe