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  1. HI

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of double towers in KMCO?



  2. Carlos

    Request an airport

    Hi thanks for the reply. I meant the city, as in Mexico City. Saez airport I already have it Cheers
  3. Carlos

    Juan Santamaria Intl Airport-San Jose Costa Rica

    Four years waiting!!! Way too long
  4. Carlos

    Request an airport

    Hi First of all I must say that you have improved you quality a lot!! Thank you Second, what you did with Mexico City si simply amazing!!! Third, this said, could you do something simliar with Buenos Aires, Argentina? As an airport request I would like you to create all of Central Ameria ones, with priority San Jose, Costa Rica. Current one in the market is old fashing and kind of poor in every aspect. Thanks!