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  1. I love taxi2gate scenery I thing they are one if not the best out there, I own many scenery from them both in fs9 and fsx, this the first time this happen, MUVR work perfect on fs9, but their customer support OMG!!!
  2. always been like that since the first installation on the first computer , I downloaded the lastes installer from simMarket, I do not have any mesh or nothing like that just addon on airports and installed in two three computer already including my sister house computer she let me install fsx and MUVR only for testing purpose only the problem still occur, I have try to contact taxi2gate about the problem but not response back only and email with the tipical developer answer when doesn't want to troubleshoot the problem "we are unable to replicate the issue "
  3. If I start the flight in MUVR every thing is almost OK only the taxi light close to runway 06 are floating in the air but if I start the flight in another sector and fly to MUVR at the beginning of runway 06 I get the mixing textures. To make sure this wasn't cause by any addon I got a new computer and install a fsx and MUVR only, the problem still occurs , I have try every mesh setting available to not vail. help please , this scenery works perfect on fs9,
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