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  1. Hi, Thanks for the response. I am using P3D V4.5. The scenery break through only happens as an intermittent flash and only in two or three certain places. For example in the picture attached, what you see will flash between this view and normal. If I move the view to the right, LIML scenery returns as normal. Regards, Keith
  2. Hi, Was a fix sorted for this? I have the same break throughs of what seems default scenery. Keith
  3. Hi, Do you have Orbx Objects Flow ticked in the Add On scenery? Keith
  4. Sadly no joy with the reinstall. Fps was poor. Once I turned the two files off, Fps great. Best, Keith
  5. Great thanks. I will reinstall then get back with results. Keith
  6. Hi Thomas, Many thanks for your response. Apologies for the misplaced question, new to the Forum. OK Detective work done! I have found 2 files that drop the FPS. They are LFRS_gr_base.bgl and LFRS_groundlights.bgl. Both seem to individually slow the Fps. Together, the lower Fps rate seems the same. So with the Trike, with the files 30 fps, without 80 plus. I have used the scenery configurator with everything on high settings and with PMDG 738 flight deck 40+, external 50+. Before less than 20 fps. Regards, Keith
  7. Hi, Purchased this fine scenery today (FSX). I noticed immediately I had a very poor Fps. With the Trike externally 23FPS. PMDG external 18 FPS, cockpit 20FPS. The VAS is low, around 2.8. With heavier payware sceneries I get at least twice this amount. I have reduced all the settings using the configurator. In fact it seems there is very little difference with everything activated in the config compared to all reduced. Parked at the Terminal is where things are at their worst. Once away, say some 500 to 800m Fps start to rise significantly. I have had the previous scenery for Nantes and as far as I can see, I have removed all of the files. I had AES which I have removed. I have reinstalled the scenery to no avail. I have a decent system capable of handling the FS Labs A320 at large payware airports. SODE works fine. If I do not use the Mesh folder, there is no difference. If I do not use the Nantes folder, there is effectively default scenery with fps of 100 plus! I wonder if there is a particular file etc that could be responsible. Any suggestions welcomed! Regards, Keith
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