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  1. Hi Thomas, I have a little worry I hope you can help me. I recently modified the LFPO AFCAD file to close track 08/26. During landings on runway 24 the AI traffic does about-turn on the same runway to reach the previous exit point. This results in gigantic stopper at stopping point 24 and delayed takeoffs. Yet I did not make any changes on this track. I thank you in advance for your help. *For info I use Alpha India Group-OCI *I also noticed that the W42 breakpoint is not used by AI traffic! but I think it's not your responsibility ... Regards, ? Manual
  2. The problem is solved for me, I restore all parameters of the NVIDIA parameter
  3. not at all, here is my config: i9 9900k and GTX 1080 in the configuration of Nvidia Thanks
  4. I have the same problem here, my anistropic settings are in x16 and still this problem
  5. Thomas, Yes I use Tomato updated for P3D v4.4, on the scene of Nantes there is no reflection on the buildings.
  6. Hello, The scene is incredibly beautiful but I have some small problems on the scene: 1st photo we see a long fence that appears according to the views of Ezdok Camera 2nd photo: View of the interior of the West terminal, it lacks a texture probably a metallic texture 3rd photo at night, the textures of the buildings reflect a lot I do not know if it is TomataoShade that it does that. 4th we see luminous halo orange the night near you terminal west a little as in the scene of Nantes Atlantique . Sincerely
  7. Hello, I have several problems with LFRS: - Several small white lights appeared in a shot on the stage. - At the level of the LFRS configurators, I chose to put everything on and in the simulators the 3D vehicles on the parking are missing! See screenshots Thank you for your help .
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