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  1. Thralni

    Cuba in P3D v2.3

    I'm bumping this again... Would love those files of MUHA and MUCU! Is anybody still around that might have them?
  2. Thanks! I'll install and try it out sometime soon :)
  3. Wonderful, thanks Thomas! This will be submitted to Simmarket as well?
  4. Hey! A while back I bought your KLIT scenery. I really like it, but I found a problem with the AFCAD. It appears that the gate numbering in the AFCAD is different from the gate numbering as used by the SODE jetways. This problem appears in the round 'head' of the terminal, in gates 7-12. I think the SODE jetway numbers are correct - the numbering in the AFCAD is however wrong. Can this please be corrected? Best, Benjamin