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  1. Hi Thomas, forgot I had started this topic. However I noticed that the DL at LIML is considerably brighter than other airports that have it as well. Any way I could lower the intensity of the dynamic lights emitters? best Alessandro
  2. As post suggests, I have been noticing very annoying fps drops at LIML, specifically in the terminal area. At gate 1, without even panning the fps while fairly stable, drops down to 17 (from 30, obtained through v-sync @30Hz, unlimited). I noticed the issue goes away at a certain point when taxing away from the terminal area, going towards 36. That would have stopped my issues, however when turning back and facing north (with the terminal on the right), the fps drops again. While I love this airfield and the way it's modeled, I get the worst dynamic light performance out of all my add-ons. Har
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