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  1. Now for P3Dv4, I would like to buy it but it is not compatible with p3d4
  2. Yann

    TFFR for p3d4?

    Okay, thanks portanav for your reply, So I will install my scenery while waiting a probable update... there is always the problem of scenery not adapted to 64bit and also I think there are probably things that don’t display properly. But the main elements are displayed apparently, its the most important. Regards
  3. First I warn you that I’m french don’t be surprised if my english is bad So, I would like to know if make compatible this scenery with Prepar3D v4.3 is part of future projects? I own the scenery for FSX but I changed simulator and I’m ready to pay again this scenery for p3d4 Regards Yann
  4. Yann

    Perpignan Rivesaltes P3d4

    First, I warn you that I’m french don’t be surprised if my english is bad. So, about the scenery of Perpignan LFMP that Jetstream and Dreamflight did in collaboration, It’s a very good work and I would like to buy it but it’s not compatible with Prepar3d v4.3 I’m sorry to ask that (if jetstream see my topic) I think you have more to do😅 but do you think an update is possible? And in the best case with the new terminal( or rather the improved terminal.. shown in the photo attached) compatible with FTX Vector and Openlc Europe too Regards Yann