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  1. Hi Thomas, After trying your steps and deleted the P3D XML file, I am still getting a "SODE Connection Lost" message when I try to operate jetways from the GSX control panel. Then I get another message that says "SODE is unavailable, jetways will not animate". My SODE is already on 1.6.3. I have another 12bPilot folder in Program Files (x86) as well. Is this a duplicate folder? Do I delete this folder?
  2. Hi, I saw this has been raised before but it does not seem to be addressed in English, I saw some replies on the topic in another thread in French but I do not understand French. I have Sode 1.6.3 installed with my LFML X 2013 for FSX, however whenever I click "Operate Jetways" when at LFML, I get a "SODE Connection lost" message. I then did a "reload all" in the SODE menu but it does not resolve by itself. The jetways just do not move and I still get the same error message. Can you advise if my SODE has been installed correctly or how do I correct it? I also have AES which I activated few times after giving up on SODE, but it creates a situation where I now have a total of 4 jetways appearing. Appreciate some help on this.