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  1. Hi all! So, I’ve bought my first Logitech (used to be called Saitek), panels for flight sim, X-Plane 11 in my case. I know people complained about the installation some years ago, but hopefully this clears it up a little, at least for X-Plane 11! What do you think? Do you have a Logitech panel, and how did you configure yours? Thanks!
  2. Are they the best? They should be, I hope? Let me know what you think? They are expensive! But are there others out there that are just as good? Have a look and let me know what you think! Here my opinion…. (Sadly my ThrustMaster rudder pedals are not happy)…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyTK3SXDpqo
  3. tinmouse77

    Best FREE scenery for X-Plane 11?

    Good Morning all, What do you think is the best free scenery for -Plane 11? This is the best free scenery I have found on X-Plane 11 so far. I decided to share/ review it in the link below. However, this is a personal choice. I’m sure there may be better out there. What do you think? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I've posted another Video including my 4 favourite plugins so far, for X-Plane 11. (I've been using X-Plane 11 for only three months now) I've had a few other add-ons, but they have caused me problems, X-Enviro for example (I wish I where mistaken as it cost me money for nothing), I'll not be reviewing it as I can't guarantee It's quality. Anyway, here's my opinion of the one's I've kept on my copy of X-Plane 11, that are stable, and easy to install. Please do comment, and constructive criticism is always welcome as I like to make my videos look professional. Do you know of another good free plugins? Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL0VqCBfhZg