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  1. Solved. After letting it sit for a few weeks and adding more airports after it, I completely uninstalled the Nantes Atlantique and then reinstalled it. It went in fine this time. No idea what the original problem was, but it's working now. Cheers, Ted
  2. Hmm. Okay I can try that. No other installer has had an issue before or since which is what made me wonder. And when I looked at the numbering nothing stuck out as being incorrect, but I'm no expert on the scenery library. Thanks! Ted
  3. Hi there! I am trying to reinstall LFRS Nantes Atlantique after rebuilding my P3D computer. And when I try to install, I get the following error message: Scenery Activator v 1.10 Error in layer values. The Scenery.cfg is corrupt. Press any key to continue . . . I've never encountered any issues with installing scenery before, but I *have* been doing a lot of reinstalls today. Any ideas of what I need to do to get Nantes installed and working? Many thanks, Ted