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    SODE Error

    Hi Thomas, Before I did the reinstall, I tested to see if the gates were working, and they were, despite of the failure notice. After that I reinstalled and so far it seems to be OK, no idea what went wrong...... About the missing file: great! I have not tried the airport at nighttime yet, I presume the taxilights would have something to do with that ;-) I'll wait for the update, hopefully an incremental one, not a full reinstall.... Anyway, thanks for your support! BR Jaap
  2. Hi, Thanks for Orly, It looks amazing! However I'm having a problem with Sode. In the sim I get this announcement: [SODE] All active jetways stopped due to Main Module (exe) Disconnection! (N=0) I have SODE 1.6.4. and Prepar3D Also I notice something in the Sode log: WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'JSD_LFPO_taxilights_lights': 'UNDEFINED.MDL' does NOT exist! When I check the JSD_LFPO_Balisage.xml, there is a reference to this file : <SimObject Name="JSD_LFPO_taxilights_lights"> But it's nowhere to be found on my harddisk.... I have not noticed any problems with SODE in my other airports, also my P3D installation is only a week old... Could you please check this? Best Regards, Jaap SODE.log
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