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  1. I was able to get a mere 5 FPS gain when using the stock LFPO airport, so it seems to me like the scenery around LFPO is really what is causing the issue. I apologize for falsely denigrating your fine scenery I would be interested in seeing what your Prepar3d graphic settings are if you of a mind to share them with me. It would be useful to me to see what settings you have modified to improve your frame rates. It sounds like something that would be useful as a saved setting that I could apply when flying out of any scenery-intensive area.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Thomas. I really love the airport and I'll give your suggestions a try tonight and see what happens. Right now I have MSAA set to 4X. I'll try dropping it down to 2X and see if that helps as well.
  3. Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone else is seeing low frame rates at LFPO. Even better would be someone that was seeing low frames but managed to tweak it so that they no longer have the problem! I'm running a machine with an i7-8700k at 4.8, a 1080 Ti and 16 gig of DDR4 RAM and I will get 6-8 fps in VR if I'm lucky. Other scenery-heavy airports give me 20-25 fps in VR and 36-40 out of it. I've tried disabling the traffic going into/out of De Gaulle thinking that would help, but, alas, the frames didn't change at all. If anyone has any hints or tips I would be grateful for the response. I know I could dial back my scenery density settings and whatnot to get a better fps, but I'm reluctant to give up the immersion, especially since other airports don't seem to have the same issues for me. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info. I did not add the terrain layer because I wasn't sure if that was something that was used when configuring the airport in the tool. I'll add that to the scenery.cfg as well. Appreciate the response!
  5. I just manually added the scenery and so far things are OK. However, I haven't really banged away on it yet so we'll see how things shake out.
  6. Much obliged! Looking forward to flying into and out of LFPO soon.
  7. The Orly scenery was never added to the .cfg file although the installer finished running, installed SODE and also placed an uninstaller in my control panel. I will try to add it in manually and see what shakes out. Hopefully that will get me moving along until JetStream responds. I appreciate your help on this one.
  8. Hey, iFly. Yes, I am running it as an admin.
  9. Hello there! I'm trying to install your Orly scenery and I get the message "error reading scenery title (vectors) from scenery.cfg" in a pop-up window. My scenery.cfg file seems to be in good order from what I can glean from the file, but the airport never shows up in Prepar3d. I'm on version 4.4 and I'd be happy to send you any files or logs you might need. Thanks, Robert
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