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  1. Hello, It appears that taxiway bridges issue affects most airports with P3DV5 or V5.1. Would this command line be the magic fix? [SIM] DisableHighResolutionContactReaction=True Not possible to cross bridges in any scenery in v5.1
  2. Hello, Sorry but I've just made a test, this time with an A330 airliner and here is what happens when passing bridges despite the last fix. The aircraft seems to make a jump when passing the bridges. Orly-LFPO_Taxiway Bridges_Issue So I think it's better to check all this before releasing an update. Yet, despite this, I am optimistic and I wish all simmers (P3D,XPlane, MSFS2020) a Merry Christmas.
  3. Correct, this time it's fixed, bravo. If you allow it, just some details: This little grey triangle if it could be replaced by the concrete texture ? Here a space appears under the concrete beam and it may have a link with the below picture There is still a small area to fixup to the concrete beam. And on the other side the same thing but the area is bigger. But if it's an issue, it's not a big deal, the main thing is that we can run on the taxi bridges. And what is curious is that if the wing of my ultralight hits the concrete
  4. Sorry but It would look like the issue is not fixed . Of course, I only loaded this scenery. Perhaps it would be a good thing for other users to check as well.This occurs with the P3DV5.1HotFix1 version.
  5. You are the best and great support even for P3D. 👍 Thanks
  6. Sorry, that's my mistake, I had done some inversion tests to see if it fixed the problem. edited
  7. Yes it is An update for Christmas? it would be great! Cheers
  8. Yes at least for my aircrafts with P3DV5.1HF1 As I said in my previous post there are 2 main issues: 1-National road number 7 in its southern part is completely flattened. That road no longer passes below the airport, which is one of the great qualities of realism displayed in this scenery. 2- Hazardous driving areas are located on the side of the overpass platforms. So the largest aircrafts have chance to pass through. Here are some pictures of what's going on :
  9. Hi, Similar problem for me with P3DV5.1HF1. And even loss of the southern part of the National Road 7 tunnel underneath the airport. Everything is flat in the south while everything is OK in the north. Please don't forget the customers of the other flight simulators who are always there. Thanks
  10. It's definitely before Christmas. JetstreamDesigns LFPO v 1.2 released. Thank you very much.
  11. Hello, It would be great before Christmas. Especially since runways 08/26 closed on september are open as runways 07/25 since december 03, 2019. But there is work to be done for JetstreamDesign because in addition to the numbering to be modified there are also new installations like a PAPI for runway 25. Well yes, runway 26 has never been equipped with a PAPI. Amazing, isn't it?
  12. Hello Thomas, Thank you for your prompt support and your wonderful ORLY airport scenery. Indeed you were right I had the FVFR IDF scenery activated. So I quickly apply your solution. Thanks again. Post closed
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