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  1. Hello, I made a JSD-LFPO P3Dv5.2 test but this time with the fix [LFPO_ADEX_JSD_CVX.bgl](573 Bytes)+[LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl] (76902 Bytes) : Fix JSD-LFPO_TaxiBridges_issue The fix works perfectly as under P3Dv5.1 which seems to indicate that the P3Dv5.2 update does not completely solve the Taxi Bridge issue and that the concerned airports sceneries may have to provide a suitable fix. However an important point : it misses in the initial fix JSD-LFPO a Taxi Bridge I numbered 4 which was not reported: An updated fix to integrate this last TB4 would finally allow to fully enjoy this magic LFPO scenery with the great new performances of P3DV5.2. RS
  2. Hello Thomas, Thanks for your quick support. Always read the manual ! my Mesh was at 2 meters after installing P3DV5.2. So at 1m the Taxi Bridges are perfect again. Thanks. So I will edit my post on this point. But there is still an issue : To be clear, I have reinstalled the only JSD-LFPO scenery and therefore with all its original files. The [LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl] and [LFPO_ADEX_JSD_CVX.bgl] files are the originals. Well under this configuration with the new version P3DV5.2 the airliners should not go through the bridges anymore. Right? But the issue occurs again exactly as in post [LFPO Bridge Issue]. Unless I have to install the fix you edited in this post [New_LFPO_files.zip]. Should I do that? This issue does not appear in your screenshots with the F35 whose landing gear is much smaller than airliner's. On the other hand, you could try with this same F35 to run a little more to the right or to the left on the Taxi Bridge and thus convince me that the issue comes from my installation. Trust me I would be very happy to be wrong like in my first post. Cheers RS
  3. Hello, P3DV5.2 specified in its many features to have "Fixed issue that could prevent aircraft from crossing taxiway bridges in some cases". Very pleased with this announcement and eager to enjoy the great performance of the V5.2 version I launched the JSD-LFPO scenery. Unfortunately for all the Taxi Bridges in this airport scenery the outcome is ....catastrophic. [Edit] fantastic with mesh resolution setting = 1 meter (as specified in the scenery manual, thanks Thomas) Just 2 samples : [Edit] With mesh resolution setting = 2 meters Not only for the design quality but especially because the airliners keeps falling through the concrete ground. In my opinion If Jetstream Design plans an update, it should expect a complete redesign of this scenery. What a pity when this V5.2 brings so much contentment otherwise. Cheers RS
  4. Hello, In fact this command line [DisableHighResolutionContactReaction=True] doesn't solve the Taxiway bridges issue. The real fix at least for JSD-LFPO is in this post: Fix JSD-LFPO-Orly taxiway bridges issue
  5. Hello Keith and Thomas, Bad news and very good one ! Bad news : Here is the result with the 2 [New_LFPO_files] Very good news: Here is the result with the new LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl file replaced by the one you edited on December 21, 2020 : LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl (75.1kb) Download [LFPO_ADEX_JSD.bgl (75.1kB)] In conclusion the issue is solved for all the taxiway bridges of JSD-LFPO (I also tested the others). Bravo and thank you Thomas I think that the update can be released now.? RS
  6. Hello, After trying this fix on JSD-LFPO scenery the issue is reduced but airliners still do little jumps on taxiway bridges. Anyway I do hope that the ticket opened by LM P3D support will definitely solve the issue.
  7. Hello, It appears that taxiway bridges issue affects most airports with P3DV5 or V5.1. Would this command line be the magic fix? [SIM] DisableHighResolutionContactReaction=True Not possible to cross bridges in any scenery in v5.1
  8. Hello, Sorry but I've just made a test, this time with an A330 airliner and here is what happens when passing bridges despite the last fix. The aircraft seems to make a jump when passing the bridges. Orly-LFPO_Taxiway Bridges_Issue So I think it's better to check all this before releasing an update. Yet, despite this, I am optimistic and I wish all simmers (P3D,XPlane, MSFS2020) a Merry Christmas.
  9. Correct, this time it's fixed, bravo. If you allow it, just some details: This little grey triangle if it could be replaced by the concrete texture ? Here a space appears under the concrete beam and it may have a link with the below picture There is still a small area to fixup to the concrete beam. And on the other side the same thing but the area is bigger. But if it's an issue, it's not a big deal, the main thing is that we can run on the taxi bridges. And what is curious is that if the wing of my ultralight hits the concrete beams it emulates a shock as in reality. What is your magic wand? Thanks again for your great job.
  10. Sorry but It would look like the issue is not fixed . Of course, I only loaded this scenery. Perhaps it would be a good thing for other users to check as well.This occurs with the P3DV5.1HotFix1 version.
  11. You are the best and great support even for P3D. ? Thanks
  12. Sorry, that's my mistake, I had done some inversion tests to see if it fixed the problem. edited
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