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    P3DV4 Compatibility

    DO THIS EXACTLY!!! and it will work in P3Dv4.4...I just now did it. 02202019 https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/105160-orbx-pnw-and-taxi2gate-ksea-airport-compatibility-guide/ I have p3dv4.4.. I have ORBX Global;PNW and taxi2gate Seattle and FTX Global Next Generation. I followed the fix in the original post by Rob Newman and everything is perfect. Its nightime but I haven't seen it in daytime yet but quick question... I do not have vector installed..scared too for fear it will cause me THE Elevation issue but the street lights are these gigantic yellow blobs...can I tone that down? Thank you, Warmest and Best Regards to everyone. I just finished The Fix just now so this is not dated. Bob M.