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  1. Nice to see the MSFS version will depict the airport at its current status. Could there be any chance to have the current layout in P3D either at some point?
  2. Hello, I have this same problem on P3D 5.1HF1. Any news on the fix please?
  3. Hi, just bought this stunning scenery. I'm curious if any v5 GSX files are availble to replace standard jetways with GSX, I've found those by cartanya but they seems to be for v4 version only. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just seen the update on simMarket! Many thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm not a dev but I work at the real airport. There is quite a huge WIP ongoing at the moment; last summer they repaved the 18/36 rwy and installed new LED lights (aprons + taxiway/rwy lts), there is a new white facade landside.. A portion of the old terminal has been demolished, and a new one is being built. A temporary terminal has been placed in front of jetways 4 and 5 (jetways 4 and 5 have been removed actually). Originally, the plans (pre-covid) were to end this first renew phase in 2021. http://www.milanotoday.it/foto/cultura/linate-aeroporto-foto/#nuovo-aeroporto.html
  6. Hello there! Any news? Hotfix 2 is out and I can't wait flying my home base airport!
  7. Thanks Thomas, I've been experimenting a bit and performing either of the following 3 things stops the flickering for me. 1. Switching from Windowed Mode to Border-less Windowed Full screen Mode. (ALT+ENTER) 2. Enabling the "Triple Buffering" option next to Vsync under the P3D settings "Frame rate Control" section. 3. Selecting/Enable the option "Disable full-screen optimizations" under Prepar3D.exe right click, select Properties, Compatibility Tab. Regards
  8. Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it! I work in Linate, your scenery is absolutely amazing. Happy Easter. Stefano
  9. Hi there, Installed LIML in P3D 4.5 and I have a minor thing with the default runway overlapping to yours. Any fix for that? Thanks! VID-20190413-WA0002.mp4
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