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  1. Stefano

    P3D v4.5

    Thanks Thomas, I've been experimenting a bit and performing either of the following 3 things stops the flickering for me. 1. Switching from Windowed Mode to Border-less Windowed Full screen Mode. (ALT+ENTER) 2. Enabling the "Triple Buffering" option next to Vsync under the P3D settings "Frame rate Control" section. 3. Selecting/Enable the option "Disable full-screen optimizations" under Prepar3D.exe right click, select Properties, Compatibility Tab. Regards
  2. Stefano

    P3D v4.5

    Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it! I work in Linate, your scenery is absolutely amazing. Happy Easter. Stefano
  3. Stefano

    P3D v4.5

    Hi there, Installed LIML in P3D 4.5 and I have a minor thing with the default runway overlapping to yours. Any fix for that? Thanks! VID-20190413-WA0002.mp4