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  1. Thomas, Yep! It worked, changed the complexity from sparse to normal, now everything is ok. Thanks for the help! Greetings! Gerard
  2. Ok Thomas, will do in about 5 minutes... For your information, some screenshots from my P3DV4... Thanks for your help! Gerard
  3. Hello Thomas, thanks for the reply. I checked the scenery.cfg, it was the last in line.
  4. Jetstream designs, Can you please help me out on this topic? I have this product for almost 2 weeks and I am not able to use it... Thanks. Gerard
  5. Hello Thomas, I’ve added the scenery to my library already according to the instructions on the pdf . When installing the scenery, I did not have the possibility to enter my password or username. Is this normal? thanks Gerard
  6. Hello, I've bought the Jetstream LFML scenery today. I've installed the exe and i added the scenery in P3DV4. I am only seeing the jetways, there are no buildings present like the main terminal and hangars. I've installed only the P3DV4.exe I've checked my version of SODE and it's the latest. Can you help me please? Thanks! Gerard from Antwerp Belgium
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