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  1. anyone get default taxi lines or something sometimes flash under the textures for the airport like at gate 48/49 at certain angles i see other parking lines like default or something is shining through.
  2. Ok anyone else who has issues you need to copy all the textures into the main sim directory textures folder. got it working
  3. ok many thanks as its somewhere i am interested in flying I would rather also have it "working"
  4. If I cant have t working i would like to seek a refund please if possible.
  5. Tested its not a shader issue. i purchased from simarket and installed using the installer. any chance you can look into why its not working
  6. I just used the installer i believe. I do use REX environment force i wonder if thats an issue? I will try with it off and see if thats the issue here.
  7. i thought like most scenery's it would just work. https://dctry.net/listing/jetstream-designs-metz-nancy-lorraine-x-lfjl-etz/ says its v4 compatible. Again any help please i would really like the scenery working or a refund i can provide the order details if required.
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