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  1. do i use just one of the 3 ade files or all 3?
  2. Hi Jenna After reinstalling EGKK and following your instructions and the new file added , here is the result, I removed 3d grass and static aircraft in the configuration to. This is 1 monitor and works well also with 2 monitors ... slight drop in FPS but to be expected. Thanks for the help and please ignore my taxi skills 😁
  3. Thanks Jenna , I will certainly try as you recommend and report back here 😁
  4. Ah ok I thought it was the next update to hopefully deal with the FPS issues at night at EGKK ... I have started a new topic to ask Jenna
  5. Hi guys Is there any news on the next update to deal with the night time FPS issues as reported by various members? Thanks Jenna
  6. Are you talking about 1.15 version update?
  7. i had this also and just added egkk myself from within the sim itself... works fine
  8. hi, i did add it myself and all was well, thank you
  9. Hi, i get "Layer/scenery corrupt" when i run install? i deleted previous version and the gatwick configurator runs fine but nothing in my scenery library? any help please.
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