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  1. good job Bradley.. i will start today to get ready my publication of this configuration. Cheers
  2. Hello, I run the largest database of GSX configurations called Cartayna Files and wanted to do a publication in my Facebook page. Congratulations on your beautiful scenery, it looks fantastic. As of now is a page with almost 1.100 members that have large interests on this configurations and have requested me to try to make one for your scenery. I have been trying to contact you regarding the Afcad. For the configuration I wanted to publish with the review, the position of the plane at the parking positon is quite important. I have noticed however that such position in many parkings is way off form what the floor parking lines are.. are you planning on doing un update on this? Thanks a lot for your magnificent work, All the best, Javier Iturralde cartayna@gmail.com Cartayna Files.
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