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  1. Dear @jennasoft Do you happen to have an update for the v5 Compatibility update and if this perhaps will include SODE VDGS? Can't wait to have Gatwick in v5! Sincerly, Sveiny
  2. Hello @jennasoft, This might be the wrong place, but hey, I figured might as well as in the thread I already had before! Anyways moving on to my question! Now with P3D v5 out, will you support v5 in a later stage for us to enjoy? Gatwick is one of my most used airports so I'd quite like it in my v5 as well Many thanks! Sincerly Sveiny
  3. Hello @jennasoft Thank you for the file! It worked, and the scenery just became 10 times better Thank you for the help Best regards, Sveiny
  4. Hello @jennasoft Right you guys might se me as really picky here, but anyways, here we go. So I downloaded and installed the update, btw great stuff! However there is some key parts for me still missing and that is around J/08R. The diffrent holding posistions is missing..... Here is a picture from a chart that shows the different holding posistion: Here is from the scenery: Hopefully you guys can sort this out for next update and add J1,J2,J3,J4,J5 ect. Thank you! Keep up the great work! Best regards Sveiny
  5. Hello again Jennasoft, Will you guys actually model this are as well? On google maps, there is car parks and a lot of other things here that would be nice to have. For the sesonal textureing, will there be a config? If so, can you make it possible to then remove the A380? Thanks for the reply! Best regards, Sveiny
  6. Hello Jennasoft, I have noticed at some taxiways, for example J at the southside of the south terminal with stands 28, 24, 22, 20 ect. There is issues that it thinks you're on grass and not concrete. So therefore you require a lot of power to move and the aircraft bounces more then. So I was wondering if you guys can go over your scenery and make sure it is actually concrete where it is suppose to be. It would also be nice if you guys could take a look at the trees on your scenery! Their green colour is really vibrant and druing all other sceasons than summer it looks kinda wired. Along with the Runway texture, it seems to be to be a little bit to dark from what it is in real life. Otherwise an amazing scenery, and I am really looking forward to the 1.1 update for P3Dv4. The new 3D grass on the previews also seems to be a little bit to bright like the trees. So maybe these should be a little bit darker. Thank you for the attention! Hopefully you can look into these "issues" i've brought up before the 1.1 release. Best regards, Sveiny
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