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  1. I'm really not sure what difference this is supposed to make as on my system, without 3D grass, @ 9:00am in the morning and DL enabled, my frame rates are still through the floor. However, disable DL, re-enable 3D grass and they're back @28fps. So for me, 3D grass has zero performance hit - DL enabled or not.
  2. Not too sure how relevant or useful this is, but as way of a test, I downloaded and installed iniBuilds curent DL file for EGKK. Unfortunately, it made no different with approx. the same fps. Regards
  3. Hello I've just purchased and installed EGKK V1.1 which looks and preforms great in daylight. However, at night with DL enabled, it totally slaughters my system - P3DV4.4. Before installation, I had been running UK2000 EGKK and could hold a steady 28fps day and night (DL enabled), with GPU usage on my 1070Ti around 40% - parked at Gate 20 looking down the runway towards 08R holding point. Now however, at night with DL enabled, parked at the same Gate and with DL enabled, I'm seeing ~5fps and 100% GPU ! Disable DL and I'm back to a steady 28fps. I have DL enabled at several payware airports, but I've never seen such a dramatic drop in performance like this before. Any thoughts ? Regards
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