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  1. Hi, nice to know that you found a solution, it's a partial solution but it's ok. Is possible, probable that you scenery config is broken, a tip is that you can contact p3d support and ask how to restore you scenery config. I think reinstalling the simulator is not enough, someone tell me if I wrong but I think scenery.cfg in in the app data and I don't think that you delete it removing the simulator. Ask to prepar support and let me know. Regards
  2. Hi, sincerely I have not idea what happened to your scenery, sure that i have never seen something like that. I have not idea what other tips I can give you, a thing you can do is continue to try. Open a new topic with is own issue and wait for jennasoft team or people who knows more than me. Let me know if you find something Best Regards
  3. Hi, let me know, you can also try to verify orbx files from orbx centra, it reinstall the file of orbx in the default position, a lot scenery are in conflict with orbx so a reload could be grate.
  4. Hi, in the picture It looks correct just a little bit dark, is strange that even with manually installation it doesn't works. I have recently reinstalled p3d and the installation was good even with orbx, you can try to go for exclusion, to see if you picked the correct folder or to move down it in your scenery page and see if it works. Take a look also to the airport manager, and see what season is selected, you can find it in the root folder of egkk in your p3d folder. Best regards 🙂
  5. Thank you for support, I did some test and I think the problem Is orbx global, maybe is orbx that make difficult the installation, however if you have other tips about I'm here Regards Emanuele
  6. Hi, i recently bought EGKK, when i try to install this one the istaller abort and shows me this. Can someone help me?? PS i have never installed other versions of EGKK Regards Emanuele
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