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  1. Try 2.5fps when I'm otherwise stable at 30fps. Granted I'm using the FSL A320, but I still get almost 10x the fps elsewhere to EGKK, and that's even with this 'fix' installed.
  2. Hi, Firstly, thank you for making such a great and wonderful replica of Gatwick. I'm sure it'll only get better with updates! I've found a bug at the moment and can't find a fix - but where there should be car parks (e.g. Long stay in the South Terminal, Car park X on Perimeter Road South, etc.) there is just grass, and subsequently models of cars parked on grass like an American drive in theatre! (I also don't think staff car park X has been modelled to the South of the airfield). I've attached some screens for you to see, please let me know if I'm missing a fix or a patch. I have v1.1 installed. Thanks in advance
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