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  1. Dynamic Texture Streaming is disabled on my end. I still have the problem on the ground.
  2. I honestly don't expect super-fast customer support. But... a week and no reply? Wow, that's just sad to be honest. This was my first Jetstream product and will likely be my last, based on this experience. Textures aren't just changing based on the angle (which effects ground marking, runway, even the jetways) but it also seems to kill FPS when that happens. The airport is basically unusable for me. Not really fantastic when you've just spent €25. To not even get any reply to a support request after a whole week...
  3. The textures of some elements of the airport are blurry depending on the camera angle for some reason. See video below, how it's affecting the jetway. The same happens with the runway markings on approach, the runway number tends to disappear/appear depending on the angle. When I installed the scenery, I got an error saying the scenery file is corrupt, something about the layers. I added it to the scenery library manually in the end. No other scenery is bugged for me and I have a lot of stuff installed so not sure why only LIML is complaining about my scenery.cfg and showing these bu
  4. Any news on Linate? I've heard so much good stuff about your sceneries and I figure Linate should be my first. ;)
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