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  1. Update: So I re-installed the scenery (yet again). Still get the "layer error" message (for no reason, I also got this on a completely fresh P3D installation without ANY add ons installed!) and I still have to add the scenery manually. But right now the trenches are gone and except from some floating perimeter fences north of taxiway Juliet (between U1 and G), everything looks fine and works. Flew into Gatwick twice yesterday with no elevation issues and no visible "trenches" in the grass areas.
  2. For me, it seems to be working, at least the floating buildings, overlaying textures and elevated grass areas are fixed. I still have some floating perimeter fences here an there and the grass areas now seem to be lower than the taxiways (see screenshots, don't know if those "trenches" are correct), but for now I can at least fly into Gatwick without real issues. I'm not familiar with the airport IRL, so I can't tell how the exact layout looks, but all in all I'm satisfied for now. Stu
  3. sorry, I appreciate you trying to help, but honestly, I'm done with this product/developer. constantly switching, replacing, restructuring, renaming and deactivating files and layers and test it again and again in order to fix this is THEIR job, not mine! this is not an open source free fan collaboration project, I paid good money for software (that doesn't work correctly). I'm totally fine with providing info, bug reports or test a new version to help them get this right, I've done that many times for different developers. but I get the feeling I've done enough here, especially if they can'
  4. @jennasoft Can you please at least comment on my question regarding the installation process you described above?
  5. Here is my setting & folders. Should we really delete all the reds and copy over the greens?
  6. I did exactly what you wrote, but this messed something up! I'm now unable to select any parking positions or runways. Also, it's giving me a lot of sode errors when I load it (see screenshot below). What confuses me is the fact that you want us to delete all EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5_xxxx files (5 of them on my system) and replace them with only 2 files that start with EGKK_ADE_P3Dv5.1_xxxx (v5.1 instead of v5 !). Seems odd to me that this can work... And what's with the configuratior? Is it useless, now that the files it turns .OFF don't exist anymore?? Could you clarify this all again
  7. Might have solved this b installing the scenery NOT into the default (P3D) folder as suggested by the installer, but into the add-ons folder under documents. I still got the layer value error and had to manually add the scenery, but after 2 first tests, the elevation-problem was gone. will keep testing. Followup: I don't have any floating buildings any longer (so it seems) but I still have the "hills" next to the rwys. It's a mess.
  8. So I did a fresh windows/p3d reinstallation recently and installed Gatwick into a completely fresh p3d and still got the scenery corrupt error! I had to add the sceney manually. This can‘t be right, this is really programmed bad. The elevation errors presist and some Sode jetways are completely displaced. Add the missing support and I will definitely stay away from jennasoft products in the future.
  9. No addon manager here. I hust moved the scenery down in the P3D scenery settings.
  10. I have nithing of the above. I do have FTX Global and Germany North though. Having said that, on my system it seems to be fixed. I have no idea what I‘ve done to fix it but I think I moved Gatwick below the Orbx stuff. Maybe you can try if that works for you.
  11. I think I have exactly the same issue. I was in contact with Jennasoft about this, trying to describe, test and document everything but at some point they just stopped responding. See my description of the problem below. I've done several complete re-installations of both P3D and the scenery, every other scenery I have (50+) works just fine. I'm out of ideas so currently I'm considering giving up and just switching to UK2000, seems to be a problem they are unable or unwilling to solve. BR Stu ------- From my emails with them ------ Hi guys, I have to report that on my s
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