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  1. **UPDATE** I HAVE FIXED THIS PROBLEM - NO FURTHER ACTION REQUIRED. Afcad: Hadn't set the configurator option for AI Airbridge: Some GSX conflict which was resolved by setting all the gates to 'NO JETWAY' then rebuilding the coultr cache.
  2. I have just bought this scenery and its fantastic - however I am having some issues with extra default/gsx jetways and what seems to be the sim using a different afcad file... I had previously installed the UK2000 demo of EGKK but have deleted it and have deleted the SODE elements from the SODE files and also from the UK 2000 SODE files - I have even uninstalled the Jennasoft EGKK scenery and re-stalled but it still gives me this issue? I must be missing something somewhere but I can't figure it out?
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