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  1. Please send me a copy of your AFCAD >> crodrig297@gmail.com Thanks.
  2. MMGL for FSX. Have anybody ported the Taxi2Gate FS9 one to FSX ?
  3. Is anybody having issues with Vector and T2G MMMX Extreme in regard pauses and poor frames rate. I had similar issue with Flight1 UTAC. Deactivating UTAC roads corrected the performance issue. Thanks. Carlos
  4. That's great. Send me copies of AFACD MMMX and MMMY to mail at crodrig297@gmail.com. Thanks
  5. I also have the same problem you described . How did you figure or solve this issue out? Thanks Carlos
  6. http://www.iflysimx.com/index.php?/topic/563-terrain-problem/
  7. In FSX settings go to your Scenery Library. In the Scenery library you will see all the sceneries you have either default and 3rd party. Look for UT AC sections and uncheck (left side) the UT AC sections I told you.
  8. I had your same problem with my high end system, The problem is UT-TAC ( Ultimate Terrain America and the Caribbean). You will have to uncheck in the Scenery Library UT-TAC Polygons;deatiled airports and scenery. There is a conflict between this scenery and UT. Once you uncheck those items in UT-TAC it will solve the issue you have and the FPS will come up as well. I posted a similar issue w/o any response from T2G yet. They probably don't have the solution yet.
  9. I can verify that UT-TAC indeed have a conflict with this scenery. Uncheck UT-TAC Polygons; scenery; detailed airports and MMMX scenery works very nicely. Prior to unchecking UT-TAC FPS were low in the teens and with frequent stutters. I have a very decent system overall. UT-TAC disabled and FPS back to normal locked at 30 FPS and no stutters. Hopefully this conflict and or issue can be found and fixed. Beatiful scenery. Good job Taxi2Gate team. Carlos.......
  10. Any discount for previous T2Gate MMMX owners ? Looking forward this release! Carlos
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