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  1. Yes same plane FBW 320 on others aiports like JetStream LFRS or YMHB v1.2 works fine . PS: I retry JetStream LFPO and now it works fine. Closed issue
  2. Hi, I try to start at gate T32 with FBW320 but I have CTD before start flight. It is my install or LFPO issue with SU5 ?
  3. The new update v1.2.2 has TEXTURE folder in new emplacement, it is normal ? v1.2.1: jetstream-lfpo\scenery\global\scenery\TEXTURE v1.2.2: jetstream-lfpo\scenery\jetstream-LFPO\TEXTURE
  4. Hi since v1.2.2, the LFPO scenery don't work, I see only default scenery. I use Contrail v1.0.11 to update LFPO.
  5. Hi, on LFRS airport, and with PushbackHelper, the push back works but no tractor is visible.
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