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  1. Hi Everyone, Been feeling a little better and was able to get another flight in, this time I went from KSFO to KLAX. I also think I got my video resolution issue fixed.
  2. Hi, Well, PMDG made the decision not to support P3D and that's thier business. It will be a shame not having an opportunity to utilize accurately dipicted aircraft developed by PMDG in the future. I've enjoied PMDG's products for many years, but I will "NOT" go back to FSX. I have Xplane10, but I just don't like it. P3D (with all my addons) is my only option/choice for my simming needs. Thanks for the run PMDG, but future platform development outweighs any P3D addon from "ANY" developer. It was great while it lasted, but its time to move on. I know my wife is going to be happy, I just saved $90.00.. Now she'll want me to take her to dinner.
  3. Hi, Looks like no one wants to work on a good KSLC, you guys have an opportunity to corner the market on this airport.
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