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  1. Hello I had this in a different thread and wasn't answered so I'll throw in the support to see if I'll get any answers or not. I'm losing textures on airplanes as well as ground scenery. Is there any cause for this and what can I do to fix?? Happens over 50% of the time. I don't have duplicate afcad or anything like that. I did have previous simflyers and blueprint orlando Thank you Michael
  2. Sorry I didn't realize until after i posted I didn't put this in the support forum.
  3. Hello, first thank you for making KMCO for FS9 I really do a appreciate it!! I am having issues with losing textures on the ground around delta's gates, the west side cargo area. Then I am also losing textures on my planes. I have enclosed pictures of what's happening. If you have any ideas if you can please let me know. I did have simflyers and blueprint mco but have taken them out of my flight sim and no multiple afcads. Any help would be appreciated
  4. I hope some how it works I really hate using blueprints orlando and is also one of my favorite airports to fly into. So if it doesn't work I guess we will never have another Taxi2Gate scenery for FS2004.
  5. How about MCO for FS9!!!!
  6. I seen on Facebook they are making a decision this week. This was actually from Taxi2Gate not another person so hopefully we won't lose another FS9 developer as there isn't many left.
  7. Is there going to be a FS9 version? And before anyone says anything I am not switching cause I have spent a lot of money on sceneries for FS9 and it's not going to happen.
  8. And anything else that can be crossed!!!
  9. In the US I say SLC, MSP or OAK. Also in Florida RSW or PBI. Caribbean I say TJBQ or TJPS. World: NZAA, YMML or YBBN to go with FlyTampa YSSY All for fs9 of course.
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