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    Pimpdog reacted to garyghostrider in KMCO Questions   
    From the screenshots and my prior experience with KSTL and MMMX I know KMCO will be fantastic in  FSX...can you confirm any future plans to release an FS2004 version of KMCO??...A big overdue Thanks for all of your projects I have been enjoying in both FS2004 and FSX!!
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    Pimpdog reacted to Taxi2gate in About fs9...   
    Hi all guys, we will analyze the sales of fs9 versions compared with fsx and we will take a desicion before kmco release that is very close, thanks for your patience.
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    Pimpdog reacted to Er!k in About fs9...   
    OK fingers crossed here! Looking forward to have KMCO and MMMX in FS9!
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    Pimpdog reacted to gaputz in About fs9...   
    And toes!
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    Pimpdog reacted to gmaya10 in About fs9...   
    waiting and crossed all fingers including feet fingers.
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    Pimpdog reacted to graemeb in About fs9...   
    I will certainly buy any of your FS9 sceneries!
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    Pimpdog reacted to Er!k in About fs9...   
    Is there any news regarding this topic? Very curious, since I am also interested in KMCO in FS9 as well!
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    Pimpdog reacted to Michael_B767_ATP in Request an airport   
    Looks like no one wants to work on a good KSLC, you guys have an opportunity to corner the market on this airport.
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    Pimpdog reacted to nickac1092 in Request an airport   
    KMSP - Minneapolis St Paul Intl.  This would be great for the Midwest in the United States.  Blueprint's scenery is crap but its accurate to a certain point (pre NWA - Delta merger).  If it gets support by AES now that would be AWESOME.
    Vote my post up if you agree the MSP should be done so there isn't multiple posts.
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