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  1. Sorry it seemed like it was a one-off issue. You may close the topic. Thanks for the quick reply though.
  2. Hi Thomas, I open a new topic because it seems that the ILS frequencies are not automatically tuned-in when I fly approaches in LFPO (MSFS). To be more precise, every time I fly into the airport (this is the same for all the runways) I don't receive the ILS in the aircraft even if my MCDU is set for an ILS approach. I don't know if this is a problem between MSFS nav data or the scenery itself. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe there is a workaround. Thanks!
  3. Hi Thomas, I just noticed that a new version of LFPO for MSFS was available in Contrail (v1.10). I guess it fixes the fuel truck issue. Is there a way to see the changelog? I can't find it anywhere ;) I was also wondering if you would make an option in the future to allow disabling static AI aircrafts (don't get me wrong they look really great but it can be messy when you start using live traffic because then they mix with the generic Asobo models). Thanks for the support!
  4. Hi developers, Thanks for bringing LFPO to MSFS. I noticed that everytime I try to call for a fuel truck the ATC tells me none is available. It only happens at Orly. Would you be able to fix that? Cheers, Michael
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