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  1. I think I found the issue. After several attempts of scanning external files to remove any remnant of EDDM brought in by any other addon (eg. FTX) I decided to explore the files internal to T2G EDDM. With that the following files where in question: EDDM folder EDD-LIB-DETFAL.bgl ? Was this a typo? I changed it to EDDM-LIB-DETFAL. And not sure if "DETFAL is supposed to be DEFAULT EDDM_AF.BGL.off and EDDM_AF-SODE.BGL.off were removed outside of the EDDM into another external folder. I was not sure if the extension should have read .BGL.off or .BGLOFF so I removed it altogeth
  2. I get the same message however the scenery is added as an xml addon file. All appears to be in order including sode...but the dynamic lighting is non-present
  3. I arrived at LFPO at Dawn when all lighting was off. When I departed it was an hour before Dawn and the scenery was in complete darkness (no dynamic lighting). The pole lighting was on however. Is this a known issue? I checked the configure tool and all is active. Please advise
  4. I see same reflect issue in p3dv4.4
  5. Was there ever a fix to this? I'm still getting this with P3dv3.3.5
  6. Not sure why you are not able to install into P3D, but I'll been using KMCO in P3dv2.5 v3.1/3.2 and now 3.3.5 without issue. In fact I had to reinstall all scenery when moving into v3. What messaging are you getting?
  7. Okay T2G I'm back and completed stoked by your accomplishments with your latest release of Seattle. So this begs the question, request, and petition....Please...Pleeaaassseee have a look at the KPDX and KPVD (as a side project to all you are already doing ....that would be awesomely wicked...He why not add a little RDU in to mix too... Excellent job keep up the works Cheers and look forward to your future
  8. Interesting and perhaps you're right. I saw a spike, a very large spike in VAS unlike any other Addon Airport on arrival to VHHH from RJTT in the T7 (before the recent update). Vas rose to 3.9gb but that quickly retreated to 3.28 and 2.87gm respectively. Once on the ground and panning around from the exterior of the AC it was back up to 4.014GB...heard the ding shutdown but not before receiving the OoM message. After the update I flew from ZPLJ and did not experience the same behavior. I have an up coming flight from RPLL (addon PAS) to VHHH and shall observe and revert.
  9. That's odd because if I use the default settings I get a heavier vas usages and see greater autogen. ( using acceleration)
  10. It appeared to be pretty good at night. Remember KBUF KTPA and KMDW all look good in their texture sets. All I know is when you select or deselect the 2048 textures there is a difference of 800mb ( which is huge in just textures alone). I need to check to how much is used with the extra vehicles which I probably don't need.
  11. I see you had a chat with George and he had recommended that we reinstall and deselect the 2048 textures. I heading to my CPU to do just that. I know on my previous install I choose to select 2048. So deselecting This should bring that vas usage down significantly
  12. Ok I'm 3:15 hrs outside of FT CYUL . in the PMDG T7. Departed from Aerosoft's Heathrow Extended were VAS reached 3.70GB on departure. I'm currently now at 3.03GB..keep updated UPDATE: 130 miles out no OoM since leaving EGLL VAS 3.5GB 10 miles - 3.76GB OoM at 6 miles out (all sliders full right and 2048 textures) Restarting flight from save to continue. This is the first reload over a 7 hr flight in the T7 from High impact Airport to High impact Airport Ok...you are right....I was fine up to 10 miles out on the restart VAS at 2.96GM...then all of a sudden bam VAS jumped to 3.89GM and 4
  13. Something in your setup perhaps... I'll have another go at it over the holiday and let you know (Dublin to CYUL in the Blackbox a330)...I'm currently flying from AS Dublin 2048 textures to UK2000 East Midlands. I used to get OoMs before being able to depart from Dublin. I now see my VAS at 3.5 stabled and drops to 2.9 once airborne and out 9 miles from airport. I'm currently descending into EGNX with 2.88mb VAS in the NGX...high texture set as well Oh and I have AS Night Environment on set at level 2 for the Isles as well UPdate: Landed in East Midlands...VAS stable at 3.4mb...
  14. Autogen Buildings @ 1500. Trees @ 1800 is a sweet spot for me
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