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    MMMX extreme scenery pauses

    Thx coqui297. But that fixes the other issue, the link does not resolve this issue. The one above is a separate issue in its entirely. As such I had created a new post to be more specifichttp://www.iflysimx.com/index.php?/topic/578-mmmx-extreme-doesnt-match-as-advertised-assistance-needed/
  2. No resolve. Uninstalled reinstalled three times now..same issue. Will need the exclude file BTW- using FTXG, FS Genesis turned off UTX TAC
  3. KFJ333

    MMMX extreme scenery pauses

    You r right. I turned them all off and the FPS went up dramatically. Now I got to figure out why trees and autogen are bleeding through the scenery over in the gate T areas. I'm seeing as it appears double hangers too. Any suggestions?
  4. KFJ333

    Terrain problem

    Didn't fix it for me. still a mushroom top Would help if I installed/copied paste the right file